Thank you for choosing Aphroditea as your source of health and wellness. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with high-quality tea blends that are carefully crafted to promote well-being and vitality.

Please note that the results of consuming Aphroditea products may differ from person to person. We urge you to consider that our teas are not a food replacement, and for maximum health benefits, they should be combined with a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular exercise. It is also essential to consult with a healthcare professional before embarking on any diet plan.

The use of Aphroditea teas is intended to promote wellness through plant-based and natural ingredients known to have various health benefits. While there are several promising studies on the benefits of these ingredients, it is important to note that individual responses can vary.

Specifically, we at Aphroditea cannot guarantee that our teas will lead to any particular outcome, including but not limited to weight loss, clear skin, or improved general health. It is important to remember that results depend largely on an individual's lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors that differ from case to case.

Furthermore, none of the information presented on the Aphroditea website, packaging, or other materials should be considered to constitute medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional before introducing any new supplements into your diet, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking other medications.

While we stand behind the quality of our teas and the natural ingredients they contain, we want to remind our customers that individual experiences may vary.

At Aphroditea, we strive for our consumers' satisfaction, and our products are made with the best ingredients. However, everyone's body reacts differently, and we cannot guarantee the same results for everyone. Our teas have been crafted to enhance your health and well-being, but they are not a magic potion for instant results. We encourage you to embrace a healthy lifestyle holistically, and to take our teas as a complementary part of your journey.


It is also worth noting that our detoxification products are not recommended for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. If you are in this situation, we advise that you consult your physician before incorporating any of our teas into your routine.

To ensure that our Aphroditea teas are used appropriately, we also recommend that individuals under the age of 18, and anyone suffering from a serious medical condition do not use our products.

Moreover, if you are suffering from any medical conditions or any other concerns relating to the ingredients, and possible interactions with medication, we advise you to seek medical consultation before taking any of our products. We believe it is important to emphasize these points as we care about your health and wellness.

Contraceptive Pill:

It is important to note that taking the Night Cleanse while using the contraceptive pill in the evening can potentially render the contraceptive pill ineffective. As such, we strongly advise that users take their contraceptive pill at least two hours prior to using the Night Cleanse, in accordance with the guidance provided by their healthcare practitioner.

Adverse Side Effects:

We take the safety and wellbeing of our customers very seriously, and urge anyone who experiences adverse side effects after consuming any product to discontinue use of the product immediately. As with any dietary supplement, individual reactions can vary greatly and it is important to listen to your body's signals.