About Us

Welcome to Aphroditea, where the elegance of simplicity meets the vitality of nature. Our brand's ethos is grounded in a deep-rooted connection with the earth, ancient wisdom and a commitment to a lifestyle that resonates with the heart of every woman.

Picture our founder, Clio, at a pivotal moment in her life. Age was marking her skin, and the stresses of each day seemed to leave deeper imprints on her vitality. Her journey to restore her inner and outer glow led her to a combination of ancient herbal remedies and cutting-edge nutritional insights.

Having grown up in in a small village, in the foothills of the Pieria Mountain range in Greece, surrounded by the elder women who held centuries of knowledge past down about ancient remedies, Clio was inspired to create a brand that would embody the essence of a woman's beauty from within.

Aphroditea is the embodiment of that quest. Created for women, by women, it reflects a blend of earthly wisdom with the grace of modern living. Our tea blends are crafted to harmonise with your beauty routine, to alleviate the hustle and bustle that can wear us down, and to reinstate the beauty that sometimes hides behind the veil of our hectic schedules.

What differentiates Aphroditea from other beauty products on the market is our commitment to using only natural ingredients. We believe that the best skincare comes from nature, and so we use a combination of herbs, fruits, and flowers that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Our tea blends work to heal and nourish your skin from the inside out, so you can feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

We are not just offering teas. We are offering a sanctuary, a space to pause, to sip, and to revitalise your temple: your home, your body. Join us on our mission to honour your skin and your body, and embrace the beauty of nature.

Our story is your invitation to delve into pure beauty, embraced by the arms of nature.


 About our Founder

Meet Clio, the woman behind Aphroditea, a brand that aims to empower women to prioritise their health, beauty, and wellness. With over 20 years experience as an Exercise Physiologist and Injury Management Specialist and extensive work in health, fitness and beauty, she is an expert in helping women prioritise their wellbeing.

Embarking on a mission to provide women with natural products to help them look and feel their best, Clio has developed her own unique line of health and beauty products combining ancient wisdom with modern science and technologies.

But that's not all. She also recognised that true beauty and wellness goes beyond what we put into our bodies, and embarked on a mission to provide women with the educational resources they need to feel their best. From blogs and ebooks to webinars and workshops, she has made it her mission to empower women with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their wellness goals.

Always striving to learn more, her dedication to her mission is unwavering - inspiring others to achieve optimum health, happiness and beauty through knowledge, empowerment and self-care.